Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
flag:European Union nice try
6 vs 16
flag:Poland SPOKO LUDKI
flag:Poland SPOKO LUDKI
21 vs 15
flag:Poland SPOKO LUDKI
flag:Bulgaria Flip Mode
4 vs 16
flag:Switzerland HOCH10
flag:Switzerland HOCH10
33 vs 37
flag:Germany BANDIT3N
flag:Denmark GG.LET
1 vs 16
flag:Germany Kniffeln
flag:Germany Kniffeln
19 vs 21
flag:Germany BANDIT3N
4,60 mit Zwiebeln
13 vs 16
flag:Germany BANDIT3N
flag:Germany BANDIT3N
Cup Admins: JuNe
> Registration <

-> Requirements for participation: At least 5 registered AWFL-members with their Steam-ID's, which are older than 16 years.

-> Registration is open until 30 minutes before the cup starts.

-> Mapcycle:

1 de_dust2
2 de_cbble
3 de_inferno
4 de_train
5 de_tuscan
6 de_nuke
7 de_mirage

-> Overtime: MR5, startmoney 10000

-> The winner of the match has to upload the score screenshots.

-> The team hosting the server has to upload the rcon status screenshot.

-> Every player has to record demos, namely one demo file per side (CT/T), that means two demos per map.

-> Demo requests must be posted 5 minutes after the end of the match in the matchcomments at the latest. From the time of the claim on the player has 20 minutes to upload his demo. If no demos are uploaded, the player and his team will be disqualified from the cup (Default-Loss).

-> Schedule: Teams have 20 Minutes to be on the server with 5 players, otherwise they get penalized with a Default-Loss.

->Easy Anti Cheat: When a team has a server with EasyAntiCheat protection, the first and the second half must be played there. If both teams have an EAC protected server, the first half can be played on the server of the home team and the second half on the server of the away team. We would appreciate less serverchanges during matches. It's easier for admins to administrate and for HLTV viewers to watch your matches.

-> EasyAntiCheat Troubleshooting

-> Eighth-, Quarter- and Semifinals MR15 BO1 single elimination with predetermined maps.

-> Final BO3: The first map will be determined by banning maps from the pool. The loser of the first map decides the next map. If a third map is needed, the loser of the second map decides the final map.

Team 1 bans de_mirage
Team 2 bans de_train
Team 1 bans de_tuscan
Team 2 bans de_cbble
Team 1 bans de_nuke
Team 2 bans de_dust2
de_inferno = first map to start