Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
6 vs 16
flag:European Union soGamed CUP
flag:Germany madboys
11 vs 16
flag:European Union soGamed CUP
flag:European Union soGamed CUP
32 vs 21
flag:European Union soGamed CUP
9 vs 21
flag:Tibet Team DefWin
Philadelphia 76ers
0 vs 16
flag:Tibet Team DefWin
flag:Tibet Team DefWin
Cup Admins: TheMagicOne, StifleRRR
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  • Eighth-, Quarter- and Semifinals MR15 BO1 single elimination with predetermined maps.

  • Final BO3: Hometeam selects their map, which is played as second map. Then the Awayteam selects their map, which is played first. If a third map is needed, the loser of the second map may determine the third map (Losers Choice).

  • Maps: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_train, de_tuscan de_mirage,

  • Overtime: MR5, startmoney 10000

  • The Winners of the Cupmatches have to upload the Score-Screenshots.

  • Demo requests must be posted 5 minutes after the end of the match in the matchcomments at the latest. From the time of the claim the player has 10 minutes to upload his demo. If no demos are uploaded, the player will be disqualified from the cup.

  • Schedule: Teams have 20 Minutes to be on the Server with 5 Players, otherwise they get penalized with a Default-Loss.

  • Easy Anti Cheat duty from the Quarterfinals on:
    Easy Anti Cheat Client
    Open Client -> Danish flag -> speed gaming -> connect
    Here you can look up the EAC-Files

  • The Cup servers can be administrated without using RCON password, like you would expect from ESL versus and the IHL:

    . ready
    . unready
    . status

    and if an overtime must be played:

    . ready4ot
    . unready4ot
    . otstatus

    Once 10/10 players have written .ready, the script automatically loads the correct serverconfig and starts 3rrs live.

    Mapchange is just about the consoles commands "listmaps" (now the list of maps is displayed in the console) and "votemap X" (where X is the number which is in "listmaps" at the desired map).
    Once 66% of the persons present at the server have written "votemap X" to the console, the map will be changed.