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02.12.2015 17:51 Uhr von puLsE
no anti cheat is safe, better than none :P
02.12.2015 16:39 Uhr von cu
Because we have 2 players, who CANT fix EAC..

They dont want to play with 125 hz on their mouse and i understand them :)..

If there were a easy fix to it, it would'nt be an issue.

And btw, if the cheaters wanna cheat, eac wont stop them.
01.12.2015 23:46 Uhr von keNNzooo!!
because of EAC? cmon..
01.12.2015 17:42 Uhr von cu
Well GG.LET wont be attending the cups anymore :thumbdown:
01.12.2015 17:18 Uhr von dominik'7
so users have to fix problems caused by EAC?
seems legit :D

buying a new mouse for just one match against kväll( the only team i know with eac servers) sounds like a good advice...