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01.07.2015 00:01 JuNetop

As you are eagerly waiting, we proudly present the opening of season #20 today.

Begin of the season will be Sunday the 05th of July 2015.

A few weeks ago we asked you in a poll which maps you want to play in Season #20 and you chose the following: de_inferno, de_dust2, de_nuke, de_mirage, de_tuscan, de_train and de_cbble.

We did some changes to our rules and here are some important issues:

§1 Schedule
1) League matches take place every Sunday evening.

2.2) In case a team is not able to play at the official match-date the use of a Wildcard 48 hours before the official match-date at the latest is mandatory. Wildcarded matches have to be played in the following week (Monday 0:00 CET - Sunday 23:59 CET). Every team has 3 Wildcards for the Preliminary Round and 3 Wildcards for the Silver- and Gold-Bracket.

§3 Match shifting
1) Until 48 hours before the official match-date there is no need for consent of the opponent to shift a match. This is done by using a Wildcard. Every Team has 3 Wildcards for the Preliminary Round and 3 Wildcards for the Playoffs.

§12 End of season
1) At the end of the season there may be a change of the schedule in certain circumstances. More information is provided in the league table. Until the closing date all matches must be played.

1.2) All matches that are not played to date will be cancelled (NG:NG) and are not counted.

2) Playoffs:
The Playoffs take place at the end of the season. The championship is at stake.
The number of qualified teams conform with the total number of participating teams and will be published at the begin of the season.

The following regulations apply for the Playoffs
- HLTV is required (120 sec. Delay) for all matches. The match may be casted.
- Single elimination in the BO3 (best of 3) mode. (each with a knife round)
- Winrounds MR15 (not played-out)
- Overtime MR5 (Startmoney 10000)
- Mapvote: According to the cup-rules

2.1) Silver and gold-bracket:
After the group stage, the upper half of the teams plays in the gold bracket and the lower half of the teams in the silver bracket.

2.2) There is a supercup match between the winners of the gold and silver bracket.

As these points only represent some major changes, we strongly encourage you to read the complete rules.

The registration is open until
Saturday the 04.07.2015 at 20:00 CEST.

Du musst eingeloggt sein um der Liga joinen zu können.

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03.07.2015 18:08 Uhr von RENEEEEEEEE
01.07.2015 17:32 Uhr von keNNzooo!!
01.07.2015 14:41 Uhr von ..
26.06.2015 09:46 Uhr von JORgSCHA
Next CS:GO season confirmed?
28.06.2015 15:45 Uhr von linziboi
knasti und meine wenigkeit sind free agent suchen was zum mitdaddeln :)
26.06.2015 09:46 Uhr von ..
Next CS:GO season confirmed?
22.06.2015 20:28 Uhr von keNNzooo!!
Hallo heaven1g,

in nächster Zeit planen wir keinen Ladderbetrieb.

Viele Grüße.
21.06.2015 12:26 Uhr von heaven1g
könnt ihr ne 1v1 aim ladder eröffnen?
09.06.2015 07:27 Uhr von JuNe
Die Anmeldefrist ist extra vier Wochen lang.
Der letzte Tag der Anmeldung ist ein Tag bevor die Liga beginnt, logischerweise wird keine "Nachmeldung" angenommen.
08.06.2015 17:54 Uhr von TheMagicOne
The registration is open until
Saturday the 04.07.2015 at 20.00 CET.
08.06.2015 10:50 Uhr von ..
Nachmeldung möglich?