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14.09.2016 13:30 keNNzooo!!top

The season draws to a close, so let us plan the upcoming cups!

To satisfy demand, we are plannning new CS 1.6 5on5 cups for the near future. As we aspire to make it as comfortable as possible for you, we need your help:

Do you have any ideas for improvement? Please comment below!

At which day you want the cups to take place?
50% (25) Friday Night (Start at 21:00 CEST)
26% (13) Friday Night (Start at 20:00 CEST)
10% (5) Sunday Night (Start at 20:00 CEST)
6% (3) Sunday (Start at 16:00 CEST)
6% (3) Sunday Night (Start at 21:00 CEST)
2% (1) Other (please leave a comment)

For good and constant cups, we need new and reliable admins - please help us and apply for cup admin!

Spread this news and stay tuned!

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