1.00) Date of last change: 21 January 2017 at 11:00 CEST

§3.1.1 - REMOVED
§4.1.7 - NEW RULE

§1 Requirements for participation
§2 Cup process
§3 Server choice
§4 Match media
§5 Illegal modifications and actions
§6 Mappool
§7 Server settings
§9 Penalty points

§1 Requirements for participation
1.00) There must be at least 5 players in the teamaccount.

2.00) All players need to register a valid STEAM-ID to their profiles.

3.00) The player must be 16 years or older.

§2 Cup process
1.00) From the point when the match has been set to 'ingame' on the website respectively the starting time of the cup, teams have 20 minutes to be on the previously assigned server with at least 5 people or they will be penalized by a default-loss.

2.00) Choice of side: The match starts with a knife round. The winner of the knife round decides whether they want to start as CT or T. (Pistols do not need to be dropped!)

3.00) Both teams must write "ready" before starting the match.

4.00) MR15 is the default mode. The first team to win 16 rounds advances.

5.00) Overtime: MR5, startmoney $10.000.

6.00) The winner will move on to the next round and the loser is eliminated (Single Elimination).

7.00) Eighth-, Quarter- and Semifinals: MR15 BO1 single elimination with predetermined maps.

8.00) Final: BO3 - The first map will be determined by banning maps from the pool. The loser of the first map decides the next map. If a third map is needed, the loser of the second map decides the final map.

Team 1 bans de_mirage
Team 2 bans de_train
Team 1 bans de_tuscan
Team 2 bans de_cbble
Team 1 bans de_nuke
Team 2 bans de_dust2
de_inferno = first map to start.

The final result is determined by the amount of maps that were won. Rounds are not counted.

§3 Server choice
1.00) The home team (indicated by a home-symbol in the matches below the bracket) chooses the server.
1.10) When a team has a server with EasyAntiCheat (EAC) protection, the first and the second half must be played there. If both teams have an EAC protected server, the first half can be played on the server of the home team and the second half on the server of the away team. Less server changes during matches are appreciated. Administration efforts are reduced and it is easier for HLTV viewers to keep up with the match.

2.00) If there are several game-servers to choose from, the game-server with the smallest difference between the average latencies (pings) of the two teams must be chosen. A change of server can be requested if at least three players of one team continuously have a very high latency (ping, >=150). The value displayed on the score board is decisive.
2.10) The home advantage will remain unaffected! If the hometeam has a replacement server, the match will be continued there. If no replacement server can be provided by the home team, the match has to be finished on the server of the away team unless the server is hosted by the same company and experiences similar technical difficulties.

§4 Match media
1.00) Every player has to record demos! One demo per half and side (CT/T).
1.10) Demo requests must be posted 5 minutes after the end of the match in the matchscript at the latest. The time of the first posted result is decisive.
1.20) A maximum of two (2) demos can be requested per player. In total, a maximum of six (6) requests per match are allowed.
1.30) Before being allowed to play the next match, the team must upload all requested demos from the previous match.
1.40) A player has 20 minutes to upload his/her demo from the moment a request has been made. If no demos are uploaded, the player and his team will be disqualified from the cup (default loss). Administrators can prolong the deadline.
1.50) HLTV-demos are not valid as in-eye demos.
1.60) The requested demos have to be reviewed by the requesting team itself. In case of serious cheat suspicion a timetable must be presented to the admin team within 5 days.
1.70) Every player has to make a correct Smoke-Screenshot and has to upload it immediately after the match.

A correct Smoke-Screenshot has to have:
- the scoreboard (TAB in the standard configuration)
- an exploded smoke grenade
- at least one terrorist model and one counter-terrorist model.

Correct Examples: [Screen1] - [Screen2] - [Screen3]

If a player drops during the match or the teams switch servers, a second Smokescreen has to be created and uploaded.

1.80) Smokescreens have to be uploaded 10 minutes after the cupmatch.

Missing or incorrect screenshots will be punished:

>Missing Smoke-Screenshot: 4 (score-)rounds penalty per missing screenshot
>Incorrect Smoke Screenshot: 2 (score-)rounds penalty per incorrect screenshot

2.00) The winner of the match has to upload all score screenshots.

3.00) The team hosting the server has to upload the rcon status screenshot ( console -> "rcon status" (after entering rcon password) ->"snapshot" ).
3.10) It is required to take another status screenshot whenever the server has been changed or a player reconnects to the server after a drop. Rcon status screenshots from third-party software (e.g HLSW) are not allowed.

4.00) All match media has to be stored for at least 14 days and has to be uploaded in case of an admin request.

5.00) To clarify situations of presumably non-compliant behaviour, admins may request all necessary match-media.

§5 Illegal modifications and actions
1.00) All modifications of the original game are prohibited. Illegal modifications:
1.10) Wallhack, Aimbots, ESP, Flashhack, Multihacks, No Smoke Hacks, GammaPanel, gas puff or similar,
1.30) racist or confusing spraylogos (bombtarget or playermodel),
1.40) no-recoil scripts, awp_use scripts, burstfire scripts, ratechanger, 180°-turn scripts, bunnyhop scripts, silent defuse scripts and similar,
1.50) client CVARs that give unfair advantages.
1.60) Playermodels have to look like this [Screen].

Link for original cs 1.6 Playermodels: [HERE]

2.00) All illegal actions against §5.1 will be punished according to the seriousness of the offence. In addition to that, all offences against §5.1 will result in a permanent ban.

3.00) For proven offences within the meaning of §5.1 outside of an AWFL match, the affected player has to

- Upload all the demos to the AWFL match media without asking.
for all upcoming AWFL matches.

If the player does not comply with this obligation, s/he is a subject to permanent termination.

4.00) The exploitation of bugs or bug use is generally forbidden

These include in particular but not exclusively:
5.10) Flashbugs, Silent-Bomb & Defuse, Wallbugs (through walls, ground, levering through ceilings) as well as placing the bomb at inaccessible places.

Specific bugs for maps:
5.20) de_dust2: The following positions are forbidden [Screen1] - [Screen2] - [Screen3]
5.30) de_inferno: The following positions are forbidden [Screen1] - [Screen2]
5.40) de_nuke: The rock wall must not be entered [Screen1]
5.50) de_train: It is forbidden to look through the gap [Screen1]

5.60) If a bug is exploited, the team will lose the corresponding round. It will not be considered if the team won the round with exploiting the bug or not.

6.00) The use of the shield is forbidden. In case of an accidental purchase, the player must drop the shield at the base.

§6 Mappool
1.00) The maps for the cup are selected from the list below and will be announced before every cup.

1. de_dust2
2. de_cbble
3. de_inferno
4. de_train
5. de_tuscan (Download)
6. de_nuke
7. de_mirage (Download)

The Anti Flashbug-Mappack from drax is required to be used on the server.

§7 Server settings
1.00) The anti-cheat module VAC2 (Valve Anticheat Module) must be enabled on the server.
(Exception: The server is protected by EasyAntiCheat.)

2.00) Metamod is forbidden in general and must be deactivated before the match starts.
(Exception: The server is hosted by the AWFL.)

3.00) The following settings must be set on the server during the match.

mp_autokick "0"
mp_autoteambalance "0"
mp_buytime "0.25"
mp_c4timer "35"
mp_chattime "5"
mp_consistency "1"
mp_decals "300"
mp_fadetoblack "0"
mp_flashlight "1"
mp_footsteps "1"
mp_forcecamera "2"
mp_forcechasecam "2"
mp_freezetime "10"
mp_friendlyfire "1"
mp_hostagepenalty "0"
mp_kickpercent "1"
mp_limitteams "0"
mp_logdetail "3"
mp_logecho "0"
mp_logfile "1"
mp_logmessages "1"
mp_mapvoteratio "1"
mp_maxrounds "0"
mp_roundtime "1.75"
mp_startmoney "800"
mp_timelimit "0"
mp_tkpunish "0"
mp_winlimit "0"
allow_spectators "0"
decalfrequency "60"
edgefriction "2"
host_framerate "0"
log on
pausable "1"
sv_accelerate "5"
sv_aim "0"
sv_airaccelerate "10"
sv_airmove "1"
sv_allowdownload "1"
sv_allowupload "1"
sv_alltalk "0"
sv_cheats "0"
sv_clienttrace "1"
sv_friction "4"
sv_gravity "800"
sv_maxrate "100000"
sv_minrate "0"
sv_maxupdaterate "101"
sv_minupdaterate "0"
sv_maxspeed "320"
sv_proxies "2"
sv_send_logos "0"
sv_send_resources "1"
sv_stepsize "18"
sv_timeout "65"
sv_voiceenable "0"
sv_wateraccelerate "10"
sv_wateramp "0"
sv_waterfriction "1"

Otherwise, the default settings apply.

[DOWNLOAD] Client Edition
[DOWNLOAD] Server Edition

1.00) In general, every cup match is broadcasted by an AWFL-HLTV. Please make sure your server has at least 11 slots and cvar sv_proxies "2".

2.00) Private HLTV Broadcasting is allowed and needs no consent. AWFL-HLTV takes priority over private HLTV’s – in case the server has not enough slots, the private HLTV has to be removed.

3.00) HLTV-Settings:

Delay: 120 seconds
Spectator chat: ON
3.10) Wrong HLTV-settings have to be complained about before match going live, otherwise the settings are agreed.

§9 Penalty points
1.00) Warnings and probations will only be used by the admins if the player behaves objectively and cooperative and is exempt from punishment so far.

Number of PenaltyPoints ReasonExpiry Date
1Custommodel / HUD / Scoreboard3 months
1Wrong nickname after the begin of the match3 months
1-3Insults(by severity / frequency)6+X months (by severity)
1-3Unsporting behavior (by severity / frequency)6+X months (by severity)
2Deliberate quitting of the server before the match ends6 months
3Missing Demo6 months
2Bugusing (per Match)6 months
3Wrong steamid6 months
2-XDeception (of an admin)-
1Spamming in Forum/Comments3+X months (by severity)
Number of Penalty PointsPeriod of ineligibility
3Banned for 1 cup
6 Banned for 2 cups
6 (insult)Banned for 5 cups
9Banned for 4 cups
10Banned for 5 cups