1.00) Date of issue: 07 June 2015 at 22:00 CEST


§1 Participation
§2 General
§3 Netiquette & Fairplay
§4 Inactivity
§5 Admin duties
§6 AWFL-Livecast
§7 Concluding remark

§1 Participation
1.00) You must be at least 16 years old to participate in the AWFL.
1.10) If false information is provided your membership is subject to termination.

2.00) Every participant must have his own registered gameaccount and is not allowed to use any other. Multiple accounts are forbidden and will be punished.

3.00) The data of team/clan/player must always be up to date.

4.00) Participating teams/clans should have a clanpage, although it is not mandatory.

§2 General
1.00) Enjoy yourselves with your opponent and have fun.

2.00) The decisions of the AWFL-Adminteam must be respected! There is no room for negotiating, insulting, and threatening! The processing admin can exploit the entire range of penalties for violations.

3.00) Every admin has to justify and prove his/her decisions. In severe cases which could lead to expulsion from the league and cups, uninvolved AWFL-Admins have to signal their approval.
3.10) Admins are still humans. In the case that you believe a wrong decision has been made, please inform us objectively and friendly.

4.00) Collaborative arrangements regarding changes to the rules listed are with the agreement of both parties allowed BUT shall be recorded in the Prematch-Comments and rubberstamp from both sides. If one of the parties failed to signal their agreement, the general rules will apply.

5.00) Except for the mandatory information to register an AWFL accounts, all the other profile information is voluntary.

Internal logs to track changes in the playing dates or team and player profiles can be viewed only by admins. Logs are never given out to third parties.

6.00) Extremist and fanatical expressions and contents, any form of propaganda, slogans, symbols or characters, such groups are strictly forbidden in the AWFL and lead to immediate disqualification!

The AWFL website is not a platform for public rallies or general advertising of religious and political directions. Corresponding posts will be deleted without warning!

§3 Netiquette & Fairplay
1.00) The general rules of netiquette apply. Flames and insults will not be tolerated and will be punished!

2.00) Leaving the match early is not allowed.

3.00) Emotional disputes will be addressed after the match. You can send us a support ticket with your concerns.

4.00) Manipulation of the AWFL-staff is prohibited, and will be punished according to the severity of the offence.

§4 Inactivity
1.00) Teams who lose two consecutive matches with a "Default-Loss" or lose three matches "Default-Loss" during one season are subject to termination.

2.00) The admin-team determines whether past and future matches will be counted as "Default-Loss" or "No Game".

3.00) Players blocked by the exclusion of a team can join another existing team of the AWFL. In this case, the lock can be released by an AWFL-admin and the player is eligible to play after 48 hours of active membership.

4.00) Teams will be kicked from the AWFL-Ladder after one month of inactivity. A challenge is no longer possible then and all open challenges will be deleted.
4.10) After two months of inactivity the team will be removed completely from the ladder.

§5 Admin duties
1.00) Every AWFL-admin has to orientate himself/herself to the rules. He/She must remain objective and must align decisions on evidence.
1.10) New rules require approval of 75% from the AWFL-admins
1.20) At least 51% of the AWFL-admins have to take part at the confirmation-vote.
1.30) AWFL-admins are not allowed to work on supports/protests concerning teams they are a member of. This also applies for 6 months after an exit from the team.
1.40) AWFL-admins can participate in cups and leagues which they are responsible for, but they are not allowed to work on supports and protests concerning their own teams.
1.50) An admin may be dismissed from his position at any time with a corresponding absolute majority (75%) of the other admins.

§6 AWFL-Livecast
1.00) Livecasts are permitted without the consent of both teams.
1.10) When you want to cast a match, open a support ticket. We will check your data and host your stream on our website. Should inappropriate things occur during your livecast, such as defamation, insults, or racism, the admins will revoke your rights to cast.
1.20) Minimum Delay: 90 seconds

§7 Concluding remark
1.00) The admins reserve the right to change the rules at any time and to punish undesirable behavior not previously listed.

2.00) We like our job the most, when we do not have to do anything. When everything goes accordingly, we have no reason to interfere.

3.00) Requests and suggestions concerning the rules can always be expressed by all participating teams.