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23.12.2014 23:00 TheMagicOnetop

Wishing you a

* * * * *

your AWFL-Adminteam

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22.12.2014 10:40 keNNzooo!!top

The year draws to a close and the AWFL Cupadmin-Team will take a winter break.

Big thanks to all participants of the past tournaments. We hope you enjoyed it and had a good time. You are warmly invited to join our cups in the new year! The first cup in 2015 will be on
Friday, January 9th, 21:00 CET!

Finally, let’s have a look on some facts and statistics of all EAC Cups in 2014:
Since the first cup in August 2014, 59 different teams played 378 matches in 22 cups! The average participation was 8,2 teams per cup.

Top 5 Teams - Cup Wins

RankTeamCup WinsCups PlayedCup Win%
14,60 mit Zwiebeln81266,67%
2soGamed CUP51435,71%
3Jogger Spezial2728,57%
5M!ndeffect by iN.memoRy 11100,00%

Top 5 Teams - Win%

24,60 mit Zwiebeln85,37%41356
3M!ndeffect by iN.memoRy 80,00%541
4soGamed CUP 72,00%503614
51.6 Vivra !71,43%752

Top 5 Most Active Teams - Amount of Participations

RankTeamCups PlayedCup WinsCup Win%
1soGamed CUP 14535,71%
34,60 mit Zwiebeln 12866,67%
5voll die Geilen1100,00%

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20.12.2014 22:33 keNNzooo!!top

AWFL 5on5-Cup #22

...and the winner is:


F I N A L [Matchlink]
313373 2:0 WE ALWAYS CUM BACK!

Congratulations! :thumbup:

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04.12.2014 16:32 puLsEtop

keNNzooo!! and Hasch1sch

Sought and found, we proudly present our two new colleagues which will support our team from now on.

Their responsibilities::

- Editorial Staff / News

- Administrate Cups

- Support Service

To the both of you a warm welcome and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Your Adminteam.

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08.11.2014 01:10 StifleRRRtop

The EasyAntiCheat poll has passed and more than 80% voted for my proposal.
In case you missed my proposal, I recommend reading this news.

When you are interested in purchasing a EasyAntiCheat licence for your own gameserver for 1,50 € per month, please open a support ticket.

In order to activate the licence on your gameserver I need IP + RCON PW.

I will answer your supports and provide you with my skrill payment data. As soon as you have payed, I will activate EAC on your server for the period you have payed for.

SWZ has payed the first month (75€) for us! Thank you so much! :love:


AWFL.EU EAC Masterserver:

- We now have our own pic button on the EAC Client!

- You can look up the EAC-Files of the players here:

- On IRC Quakenet #easyanticheat you can check steam-id's by posting STEAM_X:X:XXXXX in the channel. There is also a bot (www5on5net) that automaticly checks steam-ids when they connect to a EAC protected server.

Features of Easy Anticheat:
- Memory scans, checksums, anti-aimbot systems, anti-kernelhack systems and much more!
- Advanced in-game screenshotting system
- Full-blown protection scheme against reverse engineering
- Prevent custom / cheat sound and sprite files
- Prevent custom in-game cheat scripts
- Protect in-game cheat cvars from bypasses
- Protect against cheats installed on game server (server-side hacks)
- Force 32 bits color quality to all players on server

For searching 5on5 matches with EAC protection,
I have launched a IRC Quakenet channel - please join and idle:
/join #5on5.EAC
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08.11.2014 01:00 puLsEtop

Unfortunately a good and dedicated colleague leaves the Adminteam due to lack of time.

Time to say goodbye to:

We thank you for your good work and wish you all the best in the future!

In order to maintain our services (CS 1.6 league
and weekly cups) the AWFL is looking for
two new dedicated and reliable Admins!

- at least 18 years old
- average English and German skills
- Counter-Strike 1.6 experienced
- HTML skills preferred, but not mandatory
- high activity in forums
- high availability for the community
- open minded in discussions
- high understanding of teamwork
- mature behavior
- rational and objective in decision making
- working independently

- administrating of CS 1.6 Leagues and Cups
- handling support-tickets
- actively participating in admin-meetings

- administrative freedom within the area of ​​responsibility in accordance with the current regulations
- a team of competent and helpful admin-colleagues
- possibility to bring your own ideas
- voting rights in admin-meetings
- help to shape the future of the AWFL!

Please send us a detailed application via support ticket!

We would like you to focus on explaining following questions in your application:

Why do you want to be an Admin?

Why we should just take you?

Your Adminteam

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