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11.10.2014 19:00 StifleRRRtop

The contract of the speedgaming EAC gameservers ends at 26.10.2014!
Therefore, I want to offer you a proposal for EAC in the future:
( Please read carefully before you vote! )

If you are agreeing on my proposal through the EasyAntiCheat Poll, I will buy 50 EAC licenses for 75€ per month as soon as my current contract expires.

Then, every AWFL participant could rent EAC licences for their own gameservers for just 1,50€ per month. ( 75€ / 50 = 1,50€ )

For the next season (#20) we would also like to change our rules and make EAC mandatory. If both teams do not have an EAC protected game server available they are required to lend one. As of the EAC protection, smoke screens are not required anymore.

We want to keep our community as safe as possible and we are looking forward to see many "YES-votes" of you!

1,50€ per month for having the possibility to activate EAC on your own server anytime you want is really cheap in our opinion!


EAC mandatory in all AWFL matches?
82.09% (55) YES
17.91% (12) NO

End of the Poll: 25.10.2014 at 00:00 CET

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11.10.2014 01:54 StifleRRRtop
  • We want to present you the Top 5 Plays Episode2. Enjoy!

  • Jurymembers of Episode 2: JuNe syo~ ctr~ LAMukraine Hasch1sch

  • When you have recorded a spectacular scene during an AWFL-match you can upload your ineye Demo at File-Upload.net and send a IM-Message with the link to ctr~.
    Please tag your Demo like this: NICK_VIEWDEMOTIME_DESCRIPTION.dem

  • The Jury will start to vote the Top 5 Plays as soon as there are 9 or more Demo-submissions.

  • Top 5 Plays Voting-System

  • Don't forget to like and subscribe us on Youtube! :love:
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11.10.2014 01:53 StifleRRRtop

AWFL 5on5-Cup #10

...and the winner is:

4,60 mit Zwiebeln

F I N A L [Matchlink]
Jogger Spezial 0:2 4,60 mit Zwiebeln

Congratulations! :thumbup:

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04.10.2014 06:55 TheMagicOnetop

AWFL 5on5-Cup #9

...and the winner is:

Jogger Spezial

F I N A L [Matchlink]
soGamed CUP 1:2 Jogger Spezial

Congratulations! :thumbup:

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03.10.2014 18:15 StifleRRRtop

Livecast of AWFL 5on5 Cup #9 by sundanCe
START: 21:00 CET

Watch live video from iNmemorytv1 on www.twitch.tv
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